The Apple

LA MANZANA (THE APPLE) is an original series that revolves around the lives of five Latina women who live in the same building in the New York neighborhood of Spanish Harlem. Together they will struggle to survive in the big apple, commingling with American society and having the best adventures of their lives. These flesh and blood women will make us laugh through their successes and failures, infecting us with their latin soul and joie de vivre. They will get caught up with personal drama, full of passion and comedy, making the viewer feel and suffer with them, after all, New York is not an easy city to conquer, having to deal with economic, personal, and all together real life problems, sex femininity and love    


THE APPLE is a comedy with situations charged with dramatic elements, which reflect New York society through our protagonists’ eyes; two Americans with Latin heritage, two Latin Americans, and a European, from Spain, the motherland. By their hand we will discover not only how fun and exotic it is to be a Latina in New York, but also how difficult it can be. The situations they encounter are as real as life.  They are hard working women, with dreams of their own, who will change the stereotypical view of the Latin community in the USA. They already belong to American society however, they never forget their Latin roots. Victoria, Lupe, Flor, Juliana and Rita become great friends, not only because they are all Latinas, are thousands of miles away from their families or because destiny magically put them in the city that never sleeps, but also because all of them are bravely struggling to reach the American dream, sacrificing many things along the way.

It is a series that will excite everyone but specially the Latin community by depicting it in a way that it has not been portrayed on American television before.